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9 Reasons Why You Need Speed in Your Business

When is the last time you heard the following from someone: “I’m really slow, huh?” Never? That’s because speed doesn’t come up that often in your daily conversations. However, it should never be overlooked.

I’m sure we’ve all seen articles about why speed is important for your business. It has to do with expectations, competition, and more. But if you’re like me, it’s hard to digest all of these claims unless they are bullet-pointed, simplified, and summarized so you can understand them and implement them in your business.

10 Things Your Small Business Website Should Have In 2021

WHY I WANT TO TEACH YOU THIS? I wrote this blog post based on my most successful YouTube video, which got over a 1000 views when I had only 20 som…

Getting A Website: What You Need To Know

You can think of your website as the front door to your business; it provides your clients with more information about you and gives them a sense of what you offer. So, make a good impression through it by taking the time to learn about what you need to know before getting one.


Are you looking for a website that’s suitable for your business and that fits into your budget? Is your business a new one and you are looking for a starting point? Do you want to expand your range and be found in searches as an established business owner? You’re in the right place! In today’s topic, we will dive into how to choose a website design that fits your business, its pros and cons, and an idea of the price ranges and what’s worth your money. Let’s dig in!

Want to Get a Website for Your Business? Here’s How.

Learn what are the step by step process in getting your website. From meeting and greeting your developer to launching! And learn why are these steps are important to follow.

Let’s dig in!

3 Ways Web Designer/Developers Charge You

Setting up a price is a pain for web designers. I mean, as much as their effort and talent go, it is fair enough to price themselves however, considering the high level of competition in the market, as well as to pay rent and eat, setting a decent profit while aiming to get a client is also part of the equation.

But before we dig into this, if you are a small business owner I want to remind you that you don’t need to have a fancy website to start. A decent website will do for a fresh start and then you can upgrade later.

Now, let’s begin….


Have you ever wondered where to find a good developer that can really help you achieve the ideal website? How do web designers ensure that websites meet their objectives? Or is that even necessary to find one or you can just DIY?

The thing is, it is a lot easier to find a bad web developer than to find a good one. So, beware!

5 Things Every Great Home Page Has. Make the Most of Every Visitor!

Imagine selling a house with a messed up lawn, zero to bad painting, creepy backyard, or what else? No buyer, right? Unless you’re in a horror movie where the protagonist usually buys an old creepy house and later on complains that the house is haunted. Great!


A great homepage is exactly what you need for your website because of this!

Reasons You Don’t Need a Website for Your Business

You might be surprised to learn that there are people out there who think they can get by without a website at all! It is impossible for me to comprehend how they manage to sleep at night and keep their businesses running smoothly. In spite of all of your valid reasons, you can’t deny the importance of having an online presence for any business. This article will explain some of the reasons you might not want to put up a website.