Have you ever wondered where to find a good developer that can really help you achieve the ideal website? How do web designers ensure that websites meet their objectives? Or is that even necessary to find one or you can just DIY?

The thing is, it is a lot easier to find a bad web developer than to find a good one. So, beware!

Code written by good developers is often clean and well-structured. As a result, their code is frequently well-documented and can be debugged by other members of the team. An important quality of a good developer is that they are self-aware and aware of the technologies they do not yet master.

Having discussed all the options on how and where to start getting your website, the next step should be learning how and where to find competent developers to help with the project.


Of course, we all know why. Come on!

It is the work of web developers to create websites and mobile applications that help businesses increase their online sales while making life easier for consumers. Software and computer code are used by web developers to create web applications that can be accessed via the internet or corporate intranets, respectively.

Well, just in case, it is crucial to hire a web developer who can help you design your ideal website as well as give you an idea on how to execute the project.
If you hire a developer who doesn’t know what they’re doing, you’ll just end up with a robot that functions only when you press a button.

I bet you don’t want that! Do you?

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In this blog, you will learn:

When to Find A Good Developer?
What to Look For in a Web Developer?

Types of Web Developer.

Web Developer's Scope of Work of Each Team (Pros & Cons)

    Where to Find a Good Developer?


    When To Find A Good Developer?

    Before we proceed I recommend you read our previous articles in order to gain more understanding of what I am about to discuss.

    So, you are planning to get a website, huh? And now, you are looking for reasons whether it is good to create it on your own or hire a developer instead? Or let’s say you want to hire one.

    Well, these will give you a clearer picture of what you are looking for:

    • A good web developer maintains a high standard of quality and consistency in your website development by adhering to the best practices for web development, including responsive and mobile site design.
    • Workflows should be established and maintained by good web developers to provide visibility and ensure that the workload is evenly distributed for consistent visual designs.
    • They keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and business trends.
    • And lastly, they implement data from back-end databases and services into websites and user interfaces by following standard HTML/CSS practices.

    What to Look For in a Web Developer?

    Most of the time, there are 4 main routes to find the good developers that can really help you build your website.

    Look for Reviews.

    The number one to look for when finding your developer is the reviews of their work. Not necessary though, but if you could and if that is available, go check that out!

    For me, there are only two reasons why customers leave a review for a product or service. One is when they are happy and satisfied with the service and two, when furious and having a bad experience. And those in between, won’t bother.

    However, bear in mind that not all developer deserves all the bad reviews, sometimes conflict and misunderstanding happens. So, be neutral and don’t be quick to judge. I would suggest you go through the best and the worst reviews and see if all the issues are repeating and have been addressed.



    The portfolio of a company is a compilation of its products, services, and accomplishments. Its purpose is to establish a presence on the market, attract new customers, and demonstrate how the company differs from its direct competitors.

    Good developers demonstrate their skills through their portfolios. It serves as the visual representation of their works, relevant skills, and abilities rather than tell.


    Ask Someone.

    Ever heard of “word-of-mouth”? We all know it’s powerful in terms of businesses. There is no better marketing tool than a word of mouth, it is free and more reliable than any marketing tool. I mean, you wouldn’t refer a company to your friends or family when you’re not sure of the product or services, will you?

    That’s right! Look for someone who has experience with using the service. They can give you the face-to-face reviews about it and give you the overall experience they have during the project. You can ask around you or make the best out of technology, go online!


    Know Your Web Developer.

    The best you can do is get to know your developer if possible meet them. Create a rapport with them and determine if you can count on them as a partner in the development of your website. But, if they are physically out of your reach, skype them up! Or choose any way that you can reach and talk to them. That is very important.


    Types of Web Developer.

    Websites and webpages can be as simple as a one-page text document or as complex as an e-commerce site with thousands of products for sale. Simple websites can be created by a single person, but more complex ones may necessitate the efforts of a group of people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. 

    Before we dig into the types of web developers/designers, let’s tackle the specific jobs that they do when developing your website, this will help you gain more important knowledge in getting the right people for you.


    Web Designer.

    The primary responsibility of a web designer is to create the visual appearance of a website. There are many aspects of design that they handle, including color schemes and fonts as well as the layout of the page. Depending on the designer’s comfort level with programming code, they may use image editing software like Adobe Photoshop to create what is essentially a drawing for the programmer to convert into code. Alternatively, the designer may use software to create the code for the pages.

    Content Developer.

    Web content refers to the information that appears at the top of a webpage. In most cases, it is written, but it can also be video or audio. Content developers include writers, editors, and videographers. In some cases, they may be both a writer and a videographer at the same time. A small website’s content management system (CMS) can be created by the same person who handles most of the other website development tasks, but large projects often have multiple people working on them because of the specialized knowledge required.


    Web Programmer.

    A web programmer may be responsible for translating the design into the actual code that controls a simple webpage. Database, shopping, carts, and other online applications may be programmed by her as well as the more straightforward elements of a website. An experienced programmer is needed for e-commerce sites with a large number of products to be sold, while a designer with some programming knowledge can handle simple pages of text.


    Flash Developer.

    Developers can use Adobe Flash to build interactive, animated, and sound-enhanced web pages that are both visually appealing and functionally engaging. When a user visits a website for the first time, or when they hover their cursor over or click on an element on the page, these animations may play. Flash can be used in a variety of ways, from an introductory page to a site navigation menu.

    Heading to the types of web developers that you might be interested in hiring.

    • Freelancers. For the most part, freelancers are people who work for a fee on a project-by-project basis. It is possible for freelancers to work on multiple projects at the same time unless they are contractually bound to work only on one project at a time, in which case they are free to do so.

    Freelancing began as a way for people with specialized skills to work independently of a single employer. When it comes to freelance work, it’s generally considered to be the domain of an expert.
    In light of this, let’s examine the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer in various aspects.


    Cost: Pros & Cons.

    In most cases, freelancers are easier to find and more cost-effective to work with.

    The lower the freelancer’s fee, the lower the quality or the level of expertise.


    Control: Pros & Cons.

    All decisions are made quickly and instinctively when a single person is in charge of a project. You may end up with a slew of resources scattered across different locations if you insist on hiring only the best freelancers.
    Making sure every resource is aligned is a challenge in this situation. In addition, you must have to supervise these developers.

    The flexibility of Team Structure: Pros & Cons.
    The ability to easily adapt to changes in the team’s size. It may take longer or shorter depending on the obstacles that are encountered during the development process. It is common for freelancers to work on a fixed-price or hourly basis. As a result, your project plan must be flawless if you want to get the most out of your freelancers.

    Freelancers cannot keep track of the time they spend on fixed-price projects. On top of all of this, freelancers aren’t used to keeping track of their hours worked. A freelancer may find a daily/hourly timesheet restrictive. Freelancers are used to working on projects that last only a few weeks or even days. For the time being, most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require developers only temporarily. In addition, they expect bug-fixing services to be available on-demand.
    Quality of Software: Pros & Cons.

    Since the next gig for most freelancers is entirely dependent on the reviews or feedback they receive from a client, they are expected to go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers.

    Because the freelancing movement was not tied to a specific industry, industry norms did not apply to it. As a freelancer, developing an SW to ISO standards can be a time-consuming task. Thus, quality is confined to the perspective of the developers and testers. To assess the quality of the work, you’ll require the services of a Quality Analyst.

    Quality of Developers: Pros & Cons.

    Because they are regarded as experts in their fields, freelancers can work on their initiative without supervision.

    Even if freelancers have the necessary qualifications and certifications, they may lack expertise in other areas.


    • Web Design Agency. Creating a website that attracts visitors is called website design. Technical elements and software can be used in website design but its primary goal is to improve how a website appears to visitors. 

    A website design agency provides a team that can conceptualize and then creates an online presence that reflects your brand’s vision and values. At a web design agency, your logos, color schemes, branding, and any content you produce will likely be handled by a professional graphic designer (or a team of designers). Web designs agency provides a team of experts (as mentioned above)  who know how to make a website works.
    Web design is a creative field, but it also necessitates a solid understanding of coding and backend architecture. There is a lot more to website design than simply putting up a page and pressing a button. Hire a website designer who has the expertise to take your site to the next level.

    Reasons why hiring a website design agency is a better idea:

    1). The Site Will be of a Higher Quality– A professional web designer will produce a better product. Every time a good website designer creates a new one, they follow a specific process.
    This usually includes:
    • Collaborating on the fine-tuning of design concepts and layouts; color palettes; logos; and other aspects of branding.
    • Performing an investigation (sites functions, including navigation, e-commerce, display, mobile optimization, and so on) are thoroughly tested by the designer.
    • Go through the process of learning about the company and determining its requirements and desired outcomes for the website (this includes SEO research)
    • Updates any issues that were discovered and addressed. 
    • Launch
    • Reporting

    Note: Final Steps involves the website developer looking at the key metrics, such as page speed, to determine how well your site performs. They will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise.

    2). It’s Easier to Scale a Professionally Designed Website– In the future, depending on the nature of your business, you may find yourself needing to expand both your online and offline presence. Professionally constructed sites are much easier to scale than those that are self-constructed.

    3). Hiring a Web Design Firm Ensures that your Website will Function Properly– Your website needs to look good, but also needs to work well. It’s best to hire a web design company to ensure this outcome. They’ll make sure everything’s running smoothly.

    However, please note that there’s a good chance you’ll run into problems with functionality just in case you are planning to build your site. This undermines consumer confidence and can be a roadblock to sales and interactions with customers.

    4). Website Designer Make Sure Your Site is Compliant With All Legal Requirements– There are numerous laws governing privacy, personal information, and even disabilities when creating a website. The thing is, are you well familiar with all of those? If the answer is no, then go ahead and hire a web designer, they are experts in that matter and can take that out of your head and shoulder.
    GDPR, anti-spam laws in the US, privacy laws in Canada, and the Americans with Disabilities Act will all be met by their efforts.

    5). The Time You Save by Working with a Web Designer is Immeasurable– On top of all that is being mentioned, one of the biggest advantages when it comes to hiring a web design agency is the time you will be saving.
    An experienced web designer can create the bare-bones site you’re looking for in a matter of days or weeks. As a general rule, it’s best to set aside a few weeks or months for additional functionality and pages.


    • Full-Service Agency. This is almost the same as the Web Design Agency but better. Buckle up, these agencies will do everything in their power to help your company soar by making the most of your website! They usually have a wide range of services, including graphic design, SEO, and more. Every step of the way is supported by a team of experts in each field and each process in web development is conducted in a standard manner.

    So, basically, in the full-service agency, they’ve got everything! From marketing, PPC campaigns, social media, graphic design, SEO, apps, and more.
    Like, seriously, you don’t have to worry a bit.
    Learn more about the Pros and Cons of each of the ways to build a website here.
    You might want to have an Idea about how much it cost, you can also check that out here.


    Where to Find a Good Web Developer?

    Now, let’s talk about where to find these Web Developers that I have been disputing with you earlier.

    As both of us know that all it takes to get one is first, to build trust. Not just you towards your web developer but the other way around as well. To be in that line, here are the points you might want to consider:

    Ask Your People/Referrals.

    If someone in your network refers a new customer to your business, it’s a referral. As a result of intentional referral marketing, this may occur naturally during the conversation.
    You might want to find people you know or trust who has experience in getting a web designer/developer for their business. Ask them where or how to get in touch with them, and see if they could help you out. You could even ask for a discount under your friend’s referral!


    Google can be the best place to start looking for a local web design company. And don’t forget to follow our “What to Look For in a Web Developer?” points to guarantee a successful search.
    Or if magazines are more your thing, you might find magazines from your local department stall.


    If you are not feeling the web developer companies locally, then you might want to look for in another time zone, well not necessarily in another time zone though, but in case you think the web developers that can help you achieve the website that you have in your mind is another country, then go for it. 

    Follow your guts, they say. 

    Go where your heart wants to go, they say.

    Like, come on, it’s 2022! You can reach out to whoever you want in this world and make them work for you!

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