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Because of the current challenging economic situation affecting all businesses in the US, we developed a new program to help business owners create an amazing website 100% RISK-FREE!

Claim your FREE Website Strategy Session and Discover What The Right Website Can Do For Your Business.

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Los sitios web de Silvera Enterprises son de la mejor calidad y rápidos del mercado, diseñados especialmente para que su negocio luzca profesional y venda más. Si obtiene un sitio web personalizado, utilizaremos los gustos y las preferencias de su audiencia a su favor e implementaremos las mejores prácticas de conversión para ayudarlo a aumentar las ventas.

No es solo un sitio web... ¡Es una máquina de ventas!

José Silvera



Build trust in your business while promoting your products and services with a highly effective website design service

Do you want to be the best in your business including online? It's not too late! Let the Best Website Agency in Paradise bring you to the twenty first century and make you better than before. Thanks to Google and the internet, customers can compare you with your competition within seconds. Do you want to be the one they pick? Are you even online?

Get Your Website Starting at ONLY $99

A key factors why customers don't buy from a vendor, is the lack of trust in the company, the employees and the products/services.


  • It's open 24/7
  • Your Business can show up on Google
  • It can be tailored for your customers or the way you want it
  • Impress customers before they come in person
  • Show your business information like phone number, email, etc
  • 81% of companies that launch their website see their business grow
  • As of 2011, 78% of Americans use the internet!
  • Works on smartphones, tablets, and computers


Find out why Silvera Enterprises is right for you


  • The value of our websites exceed their price 10X
  • Over 9 years of experience
  • Only unique custom websites
  • Free basic marketing research
  • Websites tailored for your customers
  • Fastest websites on the market
  • 15 days support after project completion
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • 5% will help St Jude Hospital & Amarse Foundation

Our Process

We're right there with you throughout the entire website design process. From the very beginning, you'll have access to our client portal that allows you to see your project come to life. You'll get Email and SMS notifications about your project, chat with our live customer service reps, and much more!

Our quality control department, along with our programming and design teams, will make sure that your website is not only functional and visually appealing but also engaging to your target audience.

Our Team

Our award-winning team will work hard for your business' success by identifying products and services that are best suited to achieve your goals, developing a website that appeals to your target audience and is easy to navigate, and launching a website that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and providing ongoing support.

Our professional design agency in Paradise, NV has a team of full-stack developers, WordPress specialists, and advanced specialists who will help you develop a website that will grab your audience's attention and is ready to deliver the best website designs for all businesses!

We want to make sure your website is ready to go once it's launched, and that your clients will love it. We can also help you get results with Digital Marketing or SEO once your website is complete!



Depending on the project it could take from 1.5 weeks up to 2+ months.

There are many ways to make a payment. You can pay the full amount, or you can pay the first half before the project begins and the other half before the project is launched, or you can pay a down payment and then make payments for 6 months (additional terms apply).

A custom website is a website that is designed from scratch and then hand-coded by us (unlike most websites that are made by using pre-designed templates and/or drag-and-drop systems). We design our websites to be tailored specially for your customers and industry. Also, our websites are the fastest and most reliable on the market.

One of our specialists will call you or meet with you in person (if in Las Vegas, NV). WordPress is the leader and the most used CMS (content management system) on the market. It's like your website's operating system. WordPress will allow you to manage and make changes to your website. Literally, anyone can learn how to use it.

We give our clients a certification stating that the website they received was custom designed and developed by us, following Jose Silvera's highest website design standards and practices.

Give us a call at the (702) 637-4222 , we can do almost any custom order.

During design & development time (not after) you will have multiple chances to ask us for slight changes and additions.

**These revisions can't be huge changes that involve a complete re-design or a major un-planned functionality on the website.

a) If your targeted best clients don't like your website, we will make changes until they do, if not, we will take the website back and give you your money back 100% Guaranteed up to 365 days after you make the first payment. b) If customer fails to make their monthly payments on time, Silvera Enterprises reserves the right of canceling their 1 Year money back guarantee.