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Advanced Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is extremely important in today’s world for any business that wants to succeed and dominate inside its market.

If you do not advertise online, you and your business are totally out of the game and could be missing or giving away to your competition, thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in sales every month.

Google, Facebook, and Instagram alone conform more than 3 Billion active users in the world every month, and more than 90% of the US population uses the internet every day.

When compared with TV, Radio, and other “offline” ways of advertisement, Digital Marketing’s cost could easily be is as low as 5X and even 10X lower! There are very few requirements when it comes to digital advertisement, you just need a website and even sometimes you can even do it with just a phone number or a Facebook/Instagram page.

With Digital Marketing you can easily track and measure your campaign’s results, engage with your customers in the spot, and know what works the best to catch your audience and therefore Increase Conversions & Sales!

Advanced Package Includes:

  • Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, Bing & Yahoo!, LinkedIn Ads or Email marketing (select 3)
  • Advanced marketing research
  • Bi-weekly maintenance & consultancy
  • Bi-weekly performance report
  • Free campaign creation
  • *Pay Per Click cost is not included nor email list for email marketing

If you have any questions you can contact us at the (702) 637-4222